Nutella Rice Krispies Treats

Rice Krispies treats are a childhood classic, and what better way to improve upon an old favorite than by simply adding some Nutella!  This recipe can be found on numerous baking websites, including this one, and does not disappoint.

A simple parchment paper wrap secured with decorative washi tape is a great way to spruce up any bar-shaped baked treat!

This post was inspired by a DIY Date hosted by Louise at Laid Off Mom… click here to view the entire collection of washi tape projects and ideas!


  1. That washi tape pattern is particularly pretty! I love how it acts as a holder for the treat too, to keep fingers from getting sticky. What a great idea Stephanie, thanks for sharing!

    1. You’re welcome! The washi tape came in a pack of two… the same pattern in red and grey. I was kind of surprised that The Container Store sells washi tape!

  2. Oh lordy, I don’t think I need another recipe that involves Nutella unless I’ll be giving all the treats away. And I don’t think I could bear to do that

  3. I’ve never tried Nutella, but always wanted to. It looks so good.

    It’s so cute how you wrapped the treats with the washi tape. That would be perfect for parties!

  4. Oh mine, I love my rice krispies with chocolate but would die for these!!! I’m also going to bookmark this and try this.. Ooo how sinfully good it looks.

  5. OH my these look delicious! My grams use to make rice krispies treats for me when I was little. Brings back great memories. I think I will try this recipe for my kiddos!

    I nominated you for a blog award. Check out my site to see.
    Hope you’re having a great week lady!

  6. I haven’t touched nutella in ages. I’m too afraid to buy it (or I’ll eat the whole thing).
    Love how you wrapped up the bar!

    1. Can’t go wrong with Nutella! It was my first time using washi tape. It’s so pretty and easy to reposition… I can see why people get addicted to it!

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