Fruit Salad With Sugared Lime Zest

Fruit salad is a favorite of mine all year long, particularly during the warm summer months.  I recently discovered this recipe from Shutterbean which offers a quick and easy way to spruce up an ordinary fruit salad.  The recipe was slightly adapted from a Martha Stewart Living recipe, and I went ahead and made a few more adaptations of my own.

Lime zest is the key ingredient… featured here on a nostalgic floral plate from a set that my mom bought for me when I moved into my first college apartment. 🙂

I added extra lime zest and juice as I happened to have three limes (the original recipe calls for two).  I also added extra sugar and salt to taste.  The end result was a thick slurry as opposed to the crumbly sugar mixture in the original recipe.

I chopped the mangoes and apples instead of slicing them and added some red grapes for extra color.

The end result was sweet and tart with a hint of saltiness and still allowed the flavors of the individual fruits to come through.  Delicious!


  1. I love fruit so much! This recipe looks delicious! It reminds me of the fruit carts I used to visit in LA – they cut up the fruit for you, squeeze lime in it, but then they shake chili powder it in. So delicious!

      1. There’s a specific fruit chili powder – it’s spicy, but not too much. At the grocery store, it’s in the section with the International foods!

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